About us

How it started?

We made the first chandelier in 1995. Since that moment we do our best to improve our lamps production process. From the beginning it was our goal to produce the lighting that is not only a functional and necessary element in every home, but also decorative and enhancing the interiors

The passion to create

Our work is our passion. We appreciate that our Customers follow the latest trends in interior designs, just as we do. Every year we prepare a new Lighting Catalogue for you, where design meets functionality and our passion can meet yours.

Good Design

In 2014 a NAMAT lamp series OLAF was winner of the GOOD DESIGN award in the LIGHTING category. The contest was organized by the polish interior design magazine “Dobrze Mieszkaj” (Good Living). Our lamps are known and appreciated by known architects, designers and people with passion for design, who were on the contest jury.

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